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The english version of Rainer´s the Global Scaling book - Die Welt mit neuen Augen seh´n - available now! Shop.

The editor is Quantum Health Ltd., Poole, UK


Global Scaling is a natural phenomenon that affects our everyday lives, wether we know about it or not. It is the most important informational rule in the universe. It describes how the intelligence, which underpins the universe expresses itself, coming from the non-local, timeless dimensions into the four-dimensional world of space and time that we perceive with our five senses. The key is the most effective way. 

Global Scaling explains how this causal intelligence creates every structure in the universe, from the biggest galaxies to the tiniest particles. You will understand the ancient maxim - as above, so below. Scientist have discovered that nature is organised by fractals. In this book, learn how nature creates those fractals and see how scaling is an important property of fractal structures. You are introduced to the so called ´fundamental fractal´which is created by matter itself in its lowest energy state - when is allowed to vibrate at its natural oscillations. This allows the universe its harmonic nature and interconnectedness and and explains the oneness and evolution of every process in the cosmos, including life. Moreover, our identity and awareness come from there, and with this knowledge we can raise our consciousness. 


Global Scaling gives the answers to many unsolved scientific and philosophical problems that research has been unable to explain until now. With the help of the Global Scaling theory developed by the German physicist Dr. Hartmut Müller it is possible for the first time to use a quantum-mechanic model directly for research and development in all fields of biology, technology and daily life. 


Knowing about Global Scaling helps us to speak the same language in science, nature, philosophy and every day experience for a better understanding of our world and for our conscious participation in the ever-advancing evolution of life.    

Special Download for Everyone, who had attended the Global Scaling Workshop on the NES Health World Conference in Marbella in June, 2012.


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